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Del Mar Shirt & Jeans Co., offers its experience in the following areas for production in Mexico.

Assembly...assisting Major companies in the USA in the assembly of their products since 1988. We have the knowledge and contacts to provide your company with all the requirements for an efficient setup of production lines. We currently have capacity to produce 70,000 units per week in knit fashion items, 80,000 units of denim Jeans per week, 10,000 units of shirts per week.

NAFTA...was created to assist USA/ Mexico/Canada businesses take advantage of their proximity. Let us help you in the import or exporting products between these countries. Our staff is experienced in processing all proper and necessary documentation required by all customs agencies.

MANUFACTURING OF DENIM PRODUCTS... We have been involved in the manufacturing of denim fabrics and denim products since 1980. Our denim is developed by using the most modern manufacturing equipment available. Production capacity for fabric surpasses 6 million meters per month, in weights of 7.50 oz to 14.75 oz. In the manufacturing of denim products we have established production of 50,000 units per week in basic as well as fashion items.

Jeans: Denim Jeans is our specialty. Our factories produce product for customers like, Calvin Klein,  Arizona Jean Company, Canyon River Blues, Club Monaco, Savier, Bongo, MUDD, etc. The minimum run we can produce is 1200 units per style the maximum is your orders

Shirts... Manufacturing of our shirts is done with clean finished seams throughout the garment, care in fit and construction are our highest concern. We have double and triple needle stitching machinery. We make all styles from basics to western shirts with snaps.

Manufacturing of Knit Products...we have access to knit fabrics in all types of constructions and types. We can produce from basic t-shirts to fashion items in the most sought out fabrics in today's markets.

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