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Establishing Production in Mexico is not just about reducing cost, it is about helping your Company to run your business better.
Our success is derived from making this a reality for our Customers from striving to deliver above the expectations of our clients.
Out of Mexico Apparel. is about unleashing the power of Mexico to drive your business forward. It is about working with a "Partner" who can add value, provide flexibility, & reduce cost, while you focus on your core activities.
Successful Partnerships are based on successful individuals. Our 12 years experience in Mexico is all focused on the production of apparel & the understanding of the culture encourages our out sources to be reliable & extraordinary on your behalf.
Our presence in the manufacturing community of Mexico since 1980 gives us the knowledge and strength to provide you with the best conditions to satisfy your needs.
The Manufacturing plants that work with us TRUST who we are and what we represent. "Out Of Mexico Apparel" is a reliable source that offers security for the investment’s they continually make on behalf of my customers and the products we produce for them.
The "STAFF " of Out Of Mexico Apparel is continuously trained and updated in all techniques related to "QUALITY CONTROL METHODS." We maintain a 2.5 AQL level in all our plants. This in achieved by doing daily "in line" audits as well as final audits before the product is released for shipment. This method satisfies the stringent requirements of retailers like J C Penney's , Sears , GAP , which we can count as some of our very satisfied customers.

Out of Mexico Apparel, Ltd. has the strategy, knowledge & trust as the priority to get the most of your companies assets

"Your Sales"

Bulevard universidad # 500
Col lazaro cardenas
Tecate B.C.N.
TEL (665) 521-35-78


TEL (686) 551-91-09
FAX ( 686) 582-02-49